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    This is slightly strange one. But I see it happening across all my sites running shoutbox and on multiple browsers, platforms and different machines.

    The problem is when a post or page has any script (javascript or youtube embed code) pasted in the main content area the text in that area will suddenly go faint once you scroll to the area where the script displays. This is quite pronounced on a mac, still happens on a PC but is much less noticeable.


    list of odds is generated by javascript and makes body text go faint.

    Any ideas? anyone else seeing this…

    It only happens if script is present in the main contant area



    I’m using a PC so I can’t seem to notice the difference. Let me tag the rest of the support theme to check this out.




    If anyone is using a mac and can confirm this problem – that would be great


    Hi eddygame,

    I just tested the page on a Mac and PC using Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I didn’t see any text fade. Of course, on my Mac your text is fairly light to begin with but I saw no obvious shift in color. I even compared a couple of pages to be sure and they looked the same as the link you posted above.

    Can you take a screenshot of what happens on your machine?



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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