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    I like the featured image/slideshow for posts and pages, but there are two problematic aspects of this feature:

    1. Small resolution images are resized too large.

    2. Portrait-shape images stretch the featured image too long to be practical.

    I’ve seen the hacks for introducing restrictions on the height and width of the featured image/slideshow, but what I would like to do is to make this happen in such a way that on one hand no stretching (as in 1) will occur, and on the other hand if the height of the image exceeds, say 600px, then it would be scaled down. To put it another way: I never want the featured image/slideshow to scale images up, but I would like it to scale them down if they exceed an arbitrary height/width. Ideally this would be integrated into the theme, but I’d be happy with a hack for now. Thanks!


    I’ve browsed around the support forum, and I discovered that this seems to be an issue with most of the themes. Clearly something should be done about this — ideally an option in the backend which makes it possible to enable or disable the scaling/resizing of featured images. But for now, some solution for small / portrait form featured images not being blown up in size would be good.


    As far as I know the wordpress function does not offer any scaling options, etc. You can only change the image dimensions and you can activate/deactivate the image crop feature. You can modify all 3 parameters in functions.php. If you want to deactivate the crop feature add

    , 'crop'=>false

    after the width/height parameter. There’re no other options yet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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