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    Great theme! For a non-coder, Flashlight is easy to use and looks great.

    I’ve created a few galleries, and like the full-screen viewing of them. However, with the image slider (thumbnails) shown across the bottom of the page, the thumbnails block the lower part of the image being viewed full-screen.

    Is there a way to make the thumbnails not transparent? I’d like to have the main image being displayed scaled so that the bottom edge of the image is just above the top of the thumbnails. This way no part of the image would be blocked by the thumbnails.

    Appreciate any help that people have.





    I’m a bit confused about your inquiry. Can you send us a screenshot or do you have a link to your website? Kindly direct us on the issue.




    Thanks for your reply, and sorry I didn’t describe it better. I’m developing the site locally, so can’t give you a link to it. How can I attach a screen shot to this post or send you a screen shot?

    If you look at your Demo site, Gallery: Full Screen, you see that the thumbnails are on top of the main image. That’s what I want to avoid. I want the entire picture to be visible, with nothing over it or blocking it.

    I’m experiencing the same issue on my test site. The thumbnails for the other gallery images are on top of the main image being viewed. What I’d like to find a way to do is make the strip of thumbnails solid (not transparent), and have the main image automatically scaled so the bottom edge of the main image is just above the strip of thumbnails. This way the entire image would be visible. This is very important for photographers, who want/need the entire image to be presented unobstructed.




    Hi Jeff,

    I am looking at the demo Full Screen Gallery ( ) and I do not see thumbnails on top but on the bottom. In case that is what you meant and want to remove the thumbnails (but still leave the pause, play button) the css code below will do the trick, just add it to your custom.css file.

    .avia_fullscreen_slider_thumbs_outer_slide {
    display: none;

    If I misunderstood the question, please provide a screen shot pointing to what you want to keep and what you want removed.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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