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    hi kriesi, i used broadscope theme. in my admin panel when i changes apply broadscope them & click on save all changes button after modify setting then save all changes button not work. i get hint from support form like ‘browser issue’. but this is not resolved my problem. i check in all browser but still problem reside. i used wordpress version 3.5 & theme version 1.0.6. how i solved this problem? please help me


    waiting for a reply as soon as possible


    hi kriesi, another problem i have when i add new portfolio item i cannot shown my portfolio page template in page attributes. only parent & order is shown in attribute. in screen option page attribute option is also not shown. how i solved this? please provide me help.


    Hi peerbits,

    You’ll need to download and upgrade to the most recent version of the theme from Themeforest. You can download it from your Downloads and then install it just like you first installed the theme.

    If you have made any changes to the theme files directly, back those changes up so you can re-apply them after the upgrade.

    Give that a try first and that way we are working with the same version.




    hi kriesi, is there any other option if i not upgrade theme. it is possible to do changes in theme directly? please provide me solution.


    You can use the version.rtf file that comes in the package you download from theme forest to see which files have been changed in each version and then just upload and replace those files if you’d like.


    Hi staff. I have the same problem.

    I uploaded the new version of the theme but the problem is still there: the button “Save all changes” is not highlighted neither when i do some changes and so i have not the possibility to change anything from the Broadscope tab…

    What i can do? Use an older version of WordPress or there is a fix?


    I’m in the same boat as peerbits and giuseppead.. Save all changes button is greyed out!. This has happened on two pages now using the latest theme and wordpress 3.5.


    Hi giuseppeadelardi and Animationink,

    Kindly check this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -upgrading-to-wp-35



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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