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    Hi there,

    I love the theme Eunoia. But I wonder how some of the sample pages in the demo where made. There is now way to find that out. It would be nice to see how they lokk like in the backoffice to learn how to use some of the shortcode features together to create fabulous sites.

    Is it possible to see some from the backoffice somewhere to learn?





    You haven’t used the ‘Import Dummy Data’ option in the Admin – Eunoia > Theme Options page? It recreates the entire demo site so you can see how it was originally made.




    Hi Nick,

    that is not a good idea on a live site and there are not the same pages and articles as in the demo site.



    Hi Hannes,

    Unfortunately no we don’t have something like that set up but if you have any questions on a particular page we can try and help get you set up as best we can.

    For the most part, layouts are done with either shortcodes or built with the dynamic templates. If you are able, I would definitely recommend setting up a second test wordpress install and then using the Import Dummy Data option to give yourself a secondary testing ground that isn’t live but allows you to try things out.





    I am sorry, it’s been a while since I looked at the data which came along with the theme.

    If you go to the page that you want to adapt on the demo site and look at it through the Firebug browser add-on, you will be able to figure out the individual module/components that were used in creating it and the general layout by looking at the names of the div classes. It’s the simplest way to quickly see the structure and recreate it in page builder.

    I agree with you that live sites should never be worked on.

    As Devin wrote above, its ideal to have a development environment set up synchronized with your live server whereby you push the live copy only after it’s been tested in the development environment (even on your localhost desktop computer).



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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