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    Hey Support theme,

    this problem was mentioned a few weeks ago by another user but its not solved so far.

    I have the issue that the images or the whole page is flashing if i use the auto fade option of the “Post Format Gallery” option.

    Open Kriesis demo and try it

    Only APPLE devices and browsers.

    Please fix that issue.

    Its annoying.




    I have the same problem, with Safari.

    It seems that it is just, when you have a video on the top of an article.

    Greats Holger


    This also exists on Android (I have a stock Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich and the stock browser). This might be an issue with WebKit browsers.


    I posted this problem a few weeks ago and nothing has been addressed. Please someone look into it. The theme is really great but the flashing is a critical issue.


    Just an FYI… I went back to turn off the auto-rotation feature on all my gallery posts and even when I turn it off and update the post… the images still rotate and have the slight flash in Safari.

    This problem is not happening in Chrome and Firefox. Just in Safari, Ipad and iOS.


    Hi All,

    I’ve asked Kriesi to look into it but it may not be an issue that can be fixed/addressed immediately. We’ll be able to update as soon as we have something :)




    Ok great would be good to get that fixed ;)



    Understood. ;) We’ll keep you posted.

    Best regards,



    Any news regarding that issue ?


    None yet but I think Kriesi is now getting to these kinds of things since he finished up with the last theme.


    Push ;)


    Iam investigating the issue but its rather complicated bug caused by the underlying engine that powers safari and google chrome (the webkit engine)

    there are a few hacks that might work, the next update will have on of those implemented. ETA: next 3-7 days :)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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