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    I’m having trouble displaying a 3-column shop element within a dynamic template in Safari. Firefox is working fine.

    In Firefox, the 3 columns are each properly sized to 1/3 of the available width. However, in Safari, the 3 columns are shrunk down to 1/4 of the available width and a 4th blank column appears to the left, as if it is attempting to display a 4-column shop but with a blank 1st column.

    Making matters even more odd, this Safari problem only appears on pages where I am using a dynamic template with a 3-column shop element. The problem does NOT occur on any of my 3-column product category pages.

    Please view the two pages below in both Safari and Firefox to see the problem.


    WP page with 3-column shop element in dynamic template


    Standard 3-column product category page

    Wondering if the problem may be related to the Safari rounding issues being discussed here:

    Thanks for your help.




    Hi Michael,

    I’m not getting that issue when I view your site on my end. However, first try updating your theme files to the most recent version. There have been quite a few updates since 1.3 and a css adjustment may fix what you are seeing.

    You can download the most recent theme files from your Downloads on Themeforest and install the update just like you first installed the theme.

    If you’ve made any changes directly to the theme files make sure to make a backup of those files so that you can re-apply the changes afterwards.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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