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    Hi, sorry if this has been posted and answered before (if so, please point me to the right thread for the Sentence theme (Ive seen some for Cubit but want to be sure its the right one)).

    How do I change the theme to use Hebrew language (but still maintain English in the WP dashboard

    And assuming that bit is possible, how do I then change the text direction to right to left (both the fields as well as text in the forms/ posts)

    Is this something that needs to be done in PHP or can I change it in the CSS sheets.

    Please bear in mind Im not a pro at this, so try to use laymans terms where possible.

    Appreciate any and all help


    Unfortunately I have no experience with rtl language mods. Basically everything can be done on the CSS level and you need to change the text float from left to right (you need to replace all occurences of float: left to float: right and vice versa). Some instructions can be found here: https://codex.wordpress.org/Right-to-Left_Language_Support


    Thanks Dude

    Does anyone else have any experience of this as I have tried this process of changing the floats and it just makes a horrid mess of the template.

    Ive used the Html code (/Div_ to display posts in RTL but I also want to do the same for actual fields (e.g. category)



    I’m not sure – I tagged the thread for all other support team members – maybe someone can provide useful tips.

    Best regards,




    I was just looking into RTL for someone ( https://kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) ) who wanted to customize a different theme which also uses Kriesi’s framework to have an English/Arabic RTL website.

    Please look at some of the issues involved in the above link. In my opinion to completely do the conversion – to make a mirror image of the site to accommodate right to left text would be excruciatingly time intensive task involving the modification of at least 10 or more core files – CSS, PHP, and jQuery to change widgets, sidebars, categories, galleries, etc…

    Since you mentioned that you are not a developer, I think the best solution would be (as I suggested to the other person) to hire a freelancer to customize your web property and truly make it stand out with full right-to-left specifications. I’ve listed a few important links , as well as code blocks, that will help you get the project on the right track.




    Thanks Nick,

    Have already gone down the freelancer route, but the quotes Im getting are a bit far fetched (well, according to my wallet they are). Will have a look at your link to see if its something I can pick up… Ive just renamed my SEND button via the contact form.PHP so on a roll (though it did take me 30 mins!) Still, Keep on learning



    Keep practicing. Download firebug and web developer extensions for your browser and you will be able to follow along a lot better. At the bottom of the link there is a working demo version of portfolio sorter that is RTL. If I have free time I will take a closer look but it looks obfuscated.





    First of all, you have to use a multilanguage plugin to have the frontend in Hebrew & the backend in English. There’s a free plugin called polylang that’ll do it: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/polylang/ but the paid plugin @ wpml.org is much more comprehensive. It’ll also help you to easily translate text strings in the template & plugins easily. The primary function of both is to have multiple languages in the frontend though.

    I’ve managed to convert many templates’ CSS to RTL successfully using the following plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rtler/

    That plugin saves you hours as it mirrors everything for you. Just make sure that you apply it to all the css files used for your template. On Kriesi’s Eunoia template – I had to apply it to base.css & layout.css and then combine the results in a new rtl.css that is placed in the template root.

    You’ll still have to fine-tune some stuff – but not too much – it literally saves you hours.

    The only problem that you’ll have is with framework specific stuff (with Kriesi’s templates that’s the avia framework stuff). Nick is very kindly helping me out (thanks a lot) with a specific issue regarding the portfolio framework.

    I suggest you checkout the above-mentioned plugins. I’m not an expert developer by a long-shot – but I’ve managed to setup numerous Arabic & English sites using non-RTL enabled templates by using the above plugins & some help from template developers for their framework specific stuff.


    Thanks RSL, I haven’t used those plugins before.

    Terry, Please download and install the plugins that RSL spoke about in the above post. Start playing around with the plugins on your test site till you start seeing what is missing to complete the RTL modifications. First step is always to make a list of the customizations needed and then tackle them one by one. This way the task loses the abstraction and uncertainty about which direction to take.



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