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    Is there any update planned for the Broadscope? What’s the roadmap?



    um .. There isn’t an official list of planned updates, Kriesi updates themes when either there are a lot of feature requests or when there is a critical issue.


    Would be great to know the plans.


    I’ll ask Kriesi to respond with any info on upcoming updates.



    Hey! Sorry there is nothing big planned for broadscope now. A small update for the latest google chrome issues as well as some minor bugifxes but no feature release :)




    Hi Kriesi, I’m having a problem with Chrome showing too much of the page to the right, with a horizontal scrollbar. Is this one of the latest Chrome issues you mentioned?


    Kriesi released an update – you can download it @ (log in and go to the download section to download the latest version).


    Thanks guy. I will apply this update on my website.

    Would be great if we receive an email notification when a update is available for our theme


    I talked to Kriesi about this issue and he said that envato is working on a notification system.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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