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    If I tell Flashlight to display a right sidebar – either from the flashlight options pages OR on the page itself from the right hand menu, what happens is this:

    the left hand sidebar which displayed the navigation menu and a latest posts section now moves to the right of the main blog display. the order of it is changed, so it now has the latest posts at the top and then the menu. Over (or under) laid on that is the right sidebar information – ~Google ads (which appear right at the top), links and amazon ads which appear underlaid

    So to clarify, there is NO left sidebar.

    The right sidebar is in the middle of the display next to the main area. It contains left sidebar information but in a new order AND the right sidebar information but one is overlaid on top of the other, it would be nice if we could show pics in here as then I could let you see how it should be and how it is. Now I have to leave up how it is which is terrible so that you can see it. It’s at and I’ve set it for the terms and postage page. The About page has no right sidebar set at present …

    PLEASE HELP as I do need the right sidebar as well as the left sidebar!

    I have not much hair left to tear out since using this theme ….. and as I’m female this is a distinct disadvantage :-)


    Hi Fellfromgrace,

    Have you modified any of the .php files?

    Also try deactivating the widgets you have in the sidebars to see if one of them may have an unclosed div tag or something that is causing a conflict in the pages html rendering.


    Thanks guys. I haven’t changed any of the php files Devin as I wouldn’t know where to start! Am totally thick at all of this and working in the dark …. I have put this in the custom css:

    .sidebar.sidebar1.sidebar_absolute {

    left: 0px !important;

    position: fixed !important;


    which I got from another post with a slightly different problem ( I changed the left margin to 0 after trying various options) . That has solved part of my problem in that I now have two separate sidebars – one right and one left – mostly. I have a separate right and left sidebar on all pages except for the home page, which kunststoffat’s solution might help with, I have yet to try that, thanks for that suggestion kunststoffat.

    So, no sidebar on the home page (about) and right and left sidebars on the others … I haven’t set up a shop yet so probably more fun to come with that.

    The major problems now are:

    1) even though I have set the left margin to zero, it is NOT zero on pages where there is a right sidebar! The Left sidebar is now too far over to the right and slides underneath the main blog area,

    2) At the same time, some of the information in the right sidebar is too wide; I can sort the Amazon actual ad (probably) by choosing a different size on the Amazon site itself (I think, long time since I set this on my old theme) but I don’t understand why the other widgeted areas, such as the Amazon disclaimer text and the link box don’t fit.

    Any suggestions/ideas would be most helpful thanks so that my hair can start growing in again :-)


    OK. I have now altered the size of the Amazon stuff so that it is the correct width, so one more thing fixed.

    However – nothing is that simple. I NOW have two sidebars, right and left. I have two sidebars also on the home page. Curiously the left hand sidebar is now the correct width, don’t quite know how/why

    Page setting for Home page has the ‘yes display right sidebar’ set

    Flashlight settings are default right sidebar

    and I have these settings in WP Widgets:

    Displayed everywhere right sidebar – this has Amazon widgets and links (other places you might like)

    Displayed everywhere left sidebar – this has the google adsense stuff.

    I have resized both Amazon and Google as I couldn’t get Google to show up at all. Although I didn’t actually change the size of the Google ads – just went to text only, it now shows up and all sidebars are the correct size and locations. (although perhaps left sidebar is a tad too far over to the left now!)

    BUT (and it’s a big one – no pun intended) – now neither of the sidebars will scroll!!! which is important because you now can’t see the links widget or the rest of the required Amazon statement of my getting a rakeoff and the rest of the google ads …..

    any ideas for this one?



    Sounds like it was the iframes messing with the layout. If you remove:

    .sidebar.sidebar1.sidebar_absolute {
    left: 0px !important;
    position: fixed !important;

    It should fix things for you.


    Thanks Devin – that SORT of works – I now have the left hand sidebar scrolling on all pages and the right hand one scrolling ONLY on the blog (news & musings) page. Everywhere else the right hand one is still fixed. Also the right hand one on the blog page has a different layout so I’ve just looked and in the widgets area I have:

    ‘displayed everywhere right sidebar’ which has ‘have a good read’ (amazon) and ‘other places you might like’ (links)

    but in ‘Sidebar Blog’ I have ‘other places you might like’ followed by ‘or maybe a good read’ (Amazon) (which is an older version of title)

    so it seems the Sidebar Blog one is working properly but the others aren’t

    sizes etc are fine now and no overlapping which is great. So just the right hand one to move and we’re there ….


    Try adding the following to your Quick CSS or custom.css.

    .sidebar {
    position: absolute;


    #top .portfolio-size-3 .sidebar2, #top .container.three_columns .sidebar2 {
    left: 942px;


    Eureka! Thanks Devin you’re a star – sidebars all working fine now thanks … now to tackle the BIG titles problem! :-D



    Glad that Devin could help you – marked as resolved.

    Best regards,


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