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    I’m having a repeat of a problem I had a couple of years back (and posted about at the time) – the right sidebar on our site has moved down to below the content section. This time it’s worse than before as it’s happening everywhere on the site (

    Last time I got some helpful replies but in the end the problem just seemed to resolve itself (!). Any suggestions this time would be much appreciated. So far I’ve tried checking the html for errors and removing and adding back widgets in case they were interfering, but it made no different.


    Hi caroline_whyte!

    I checked some of the pages on the website and the sidebar looks ok. On what browser and OS are you testing this with?



    There’s meant to be two sidebars on the right. If you scroll down to the end you’ll see the second one lurking down there!





    I can see two sidebars on the site and they are positioned correctly.

    Best regards,


    Oops, sorry! I just assumed everyone else was having the same problem (a friend who I asked to check also had the problem).

    Anyway, I’m using a mac 10.7.5 and the problem is showing up in Firefox (version 27.0). Safari seems to be ok now though it wasn’t yesterday.

    Thanks again


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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