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    In the above linked thread, you gave advice for altering the blog template file (in Aviso) so that the order of the posts could be reversed. I have the same problem in Newscast, for some reason. Although I would prefer the newest posts appear at the top of the previews, the newest ones are appearing at the bottom.

    Is there a code change I can make that will at least reverse the order? That would be the simplest solution to an ongoing problem I am having with the site.

    Where and what, thanks!


    Since this is a critical feature I need, I will take your suggestion and try the paid Admin Extender plug-in. Hope it works, and will report back on the results.



    Newscast should show your posts from newest to oldest, so your latest/newest post is showed on top. I’m uncertain how this would be reversed with your installation.

    Anyway, you can open up your index.php and find

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query("cat=".$negative_cats."&paged=$paged");

    replace it by

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query("cat=".$negative_cats."&paged=$paged"."&order=ASC");

    if this doesn’t work replace the ASC by DESC.

    If this isn’t working maybe you’re having the exact same problem as the other guy in the topic you’ve linked. You can also try disabling your plugins.


    That didn’t work either. This is such a weird problem. But will try the Admin Extender plugin and hope for the best.

    Thank you for this fine template and your continued assistance.


    That’s really wired. I can only suggest to add an orderby-parameter like:

    $additional_loop = new WP_Query("cat=".$negative_cats."&paged=$paged"."&order=ASC&orderby=date");


    I downloaded Admin Extender plugin and it works to reorder Posts and Pages in normal formats via drag-and-drop. Thanks for that suggestion.

    HOWEVER, what is fouling the order up in the slider and the mainpage is the fact that I have made the posts STICKIES. Making a post a stickie ignores altered creation dates and the Admin Extender plugin and displays the posts in reverse order. If I don’t make a post a stickie, then it does NOT appear in the slider or mainpage, despite being in the slide category.

    Is there something I can do or add to the code that sets up Stickies to keep the order correct? I think that is the problem specifically.

    Where and how? Thanks.


    Did you try to adjust the dates of the sticky posts only. Set the publishing date of the first post in the slider to i.e. 25.10.2011 and older dates for he other sticky posts like 24.10.2011, 23.10.2011, etc.


    Yes, I have experimented with adjusting the dates, and that does not solve the problem. In the Slider and Mainpage, the posts set as stickies display in reverse order,with the lowest number on top of the previews, and at the left of the slider. I am beginning to think that the stickies arrangement is set by the post number, not the date.


    I’m still thinking this is caused by one of your plugins you’ve installed, the normal order of the posts is from newest to oldest. Have you really tried disabling all your plugins?


    OH WOW. Deactivated ALL my plugins, and the problem still is there. It is got to be some code that I have changed somewhere along the way in one of a half dozen or so key files, probably difficult to trace or backtrack. Will have step back from this a bit and take a deep breath. *depressed look*

    Thank you for your help on this. Any ideas of where to go from here?


    I’d unsticky the posts and create a special slider category. Then assign all posts which should appear in the slider to this category.


    I already have them assigned to the slider category called “slide”. Am using the code you suggested to combine posts and pages in the slider. If I don’t make the posts sticky (right now) only ONE of the THREE slide-category posts appears in the slider. They all show up if I make them stickies. Pages appear fine.

    Any posts that are simultaneously slide and stickies appear in reverse order.


    Let’s not spend any more time or grief on this. I will use some workarounds. I will use the oldest post as a template to produce the topmost preview on the mainpage and the leftmost panel in the slider. That will be OK for my purposes and give me a little bit of needed control. I will make the rest of the slider panels pages instead of posts, and the layout control over pages is great thanks to the revised code you sent earlier. Not an ideal situation, but I need to move on to creating content.

    Thank you.

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