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    Hey there,

    I’m curious if this is possible. I’ve got the portfolio page with a selection of different options. Once selected they are lead to a page when the menu sidebar is hidden and the pictures are shown in the background, thumbnails along the bottom.

    To get back they click the ‘return content & sidebar’. I was hoping if possible when clicking that, the sidebar returns like it does currently sliding across but also returns with the portfolio selection box. I want to keep the simplicity of the slideshow still running in the background and nice swipe effect the sidebar does. So linking that ‘return’ button to the portfolio page means reloading and removing that ease of use. Can someone help with coding that when the sidebar returns it shows the content box of the portfolio page selection.

    I’ve had a play with widgets for the right hand panel. They dont work with the portfolio categories sadly. e.g In the flashlight theme options under sidebar. There isn’t a way to select a portfolio category under those options; page or categories. The categories in those options refer to post categories.

    I’m just after a simple way that when the return content appears so does the other categories for more selection and ease of use.

    Is there a simple way around it?

    Another thing I’ve got in mind is when viewing the photos in the full screen pages some people its their first time and dont understand that the logo is to show the sidebar again. If they dont just leave, they either go back or press esc. Is there away to add some simple coding when those are pressed that the sidebar appears with that box discussed above. if back is clicked a second time then they go back.

    Here is the website:



    I can’t provide code for this request because Flashlight doesn’t support ajax portfolios at the moment (eg which would be required to load “portfolio selection box” when you click on the return content button). I’m sure it’s possible to implement this feature but it requires some work. A skilled freelancer should be able to help you with this task though.




    Hey Peter,

    Cool, I’ll try sort something out. Thanks for that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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