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    Hey Dude Chris…

    My search form throws up all kinds of crap when I put a random term in there. Stuff I’d rather wasn’t publicly visible such as working elements of the site.

    Is there a way to restrict the search function it so that it only displays posts in an archive, and even better, just posts of a certain category?

    Also for controlling the widgets on my site i have widget logic, but I can’t seem to control the widgets on the archive pages. Any ideas how to do that (the page id’s dont show up for example). If not I may have to resort to this, but it doesn’t appear to have been resolved.





    1) You can use plugins like: or to create page specific sidebars. Widget logic also supports archives.

    2) I’d use Relevanssi – it allows you to exclude pages, cats, etc. and offers a lot of hooks.


    Relevanssi is great, thanks for the heads up on that one!

    I have problems with widget logic (maybe it’s my syntax). Never seems to work with is_page(‘ID’) for example.

    I also can’t use it on the archive pages because I don’t know what the id of those is. It doesn’t show up.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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