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    Is there a way to hide menu items form like non-registered users? I installed “Members” plugin as per your suggestion. Is there a way to restrict menu items using this plugin??



    This is working for me.

    After installing the plugin go to Appearance > Menu. Edit a specfic menu item, look for Visibility. Enter a logic like ! is_user_logged_in(), it will hide the menu item to a logged in user.

    If you want to hide it to non-registered users, you should probably user is_user_logged_in().




    Thanks, I will give it a try.. Thanks for all your help…


    Worked great.. thanks…


    Glad Ismael could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.




    Hello. I’m having the exact same issue with my current Enfold template, upgraded from 1.3.1 to 1.4. I have tried the listed solution but with no success. My menus don’t show the mentioned field, just the checkbox to make it a Mega Menu, and that’s it.



    Activate the plugin.




    The plugin is activated. I am used to WP, I have worked with it for years. You can see screenshots of my menus admin panel and my plugins panel here:


    Hi LoganGattisDesigns,

    You may need to make sure it is set to show in the screen options for that page.

    If it still doesn’t work however we are really not equipped to offer more in depth support for third party plugins (even when we recommend them).

    In this instance, you could write a custom function or even use css to hide menu items but it isn’t something that is a built in feature/functionality with Enfold.




    Sorry to have opened a new thread for this!

    But I have the same problem!

    The Visibility Box won’t show up.

    I know you don’t offer in depth support for third party plugins, but I have tried the plugin on a few other wordpress installations and it shows up everywhere but not on enfold.

    Please help us out here…

    Best Regards,




    Enfold users don’t need to use a third party plugin –

    Best regards,


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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