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    I havent seen tables in the shortcodes or examples. I know they can be difficult to use in responsive designs. However, my client needs tables to work correctly on the site.

    Is something like this:


    in the theme?



    Sorry, the theme doesn’t come with a built-in shortcode for tables. You can however add your table by pasting the CSS used on CSS Tricks into your custom.css then hard code the table inside the HTML tab on your page.




    Angular comes with responsive tables support (they’re prestyled, etc. too). However you need to code the table code manually. Here’s a sample code which is a good starting point:

    <table id="mytable" cellspacing="0" summary="The technical specifications of the Apple PowerMac G5 series">
    <caption>Table 1: Apple Product specs </caption>
    <th class="nobg" scope="col">Product:</th>
    <th scope="col">iPhone 3GS</th>
    <th scope="col">iPad</th>
    <th scope="col">iPod Nano</th>
    <th class="spec" scope="row">Version</th>
    <td>3rd Generation build</td>
    <td>1st Generation build</td>
    <td>27th Generation build</td>
    <th class="specalt" scope="row">Multitouch</th>
    <td class="alt">Yes</td>
    <td class="alt">Yes</td>
    <td class="alt">No</td>
    <th class="spec" scope="row">Video</th>
    <td>Yes – doesnt play flash content</td>
    <td>Yes – doesnt play content</td>
    <td>Yes – does play any content</td>
    <th class="specalt" scope="row">Release Date</th>
    <td class="alt">Nov. 2009</td>
    <td class="alt">Mai. 2010</td>
    <td class="alt">Jun. 2010</td>


    thanks! nice to see table support is hidden in there:) why not open it up for everybody ? Im sure more would like it. Either way, I will give it a try.



    I’ll ask Kriesi to add a “table generation function” to the shortcode generator.

    Best regards,


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