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    I am using this theme for the second time for the same customer. The first time around I had no problems. Now, when i load the page on a phone, the menu does not work. It is visible, but when you touch it, nothing happens. Can you tell me what is causing this? There are NO plugins installed, WordPress 3.5.1. The url is Thank you for your support.



    Please turn your plugins off to see how everything looks first, since those 5 include files from the plugin are getting in the way. Not sure why they are in the footer when all css is supposed to be in the header.

    For me your dropdown works. What mobile device you are using?




    Hi Nick,

    I wonder if you can clue me in to why my mobile menu is not working — site is

    I did just install a plugin to sidestep the MASSIVE video portfolio issues I was slaughtered by — that workaround saved my skin, and I sincerely hope there’s not some plugin voodoo that’s snaking my mobile menu. Any insights are appreciated.



    As a quick follow up, I have deactivated the plugin, and the mobile menu is still not visible. Conundrum.


    Hi Nick,

    Your mobile menu isn’t getting generated at all which is why it doesn’t show. A workaround that would only work for you is to just show the regular menu on mobile since your menu is only a few items.

    .js_active .main_menu ul {
    display: block !important;

    The actual issue however is either a plugin or alteration to the main js file for the theme though I can’t say which just from looking at things now.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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