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    Hello again dear Kriesi Support Team,

    I’m using the theme with the great Responsive Layout function. There was no issue with displaying the site propperly on handheld devices an tablets until the exec team decided we neede to have dropdown menus galore around the site…

    I implemented said menu structure but neglected to check how the rendering would go on a mobile device ever since. I checked Yesterday and the dropdowns mess everything up on mobiles and tablets.

    Is there any way to disable the dropdowns and keep the upper menu items when an iOS/Android user connects or do i ave to resort to a duplicate structure with user agent recognition and a subdom?



    To keep only the upper menu items in the mobile menu, edit this file: /wp-content/themes/eunoia/js/avia.js

    Change this line (2033):


    To this:

    $this.find('> li').each(function(){




    Hi Josue,

    thank you very much for the tip, will try right away!




    Hi Josue, i made the mod you indicated but it does not seem to work – dropdowns still mess up the iOS side of things – is there anywhere else i can look ?


    Hi melag_dev,

    Can we see what you have now with the code change in place from Jasue?




    Hi Devin,

    Yes, as i understand things avia.js is pretty much used everywhere in the theme, the change in code is in place as described by josue, the site is – i can provide a temp admin account if needed.

    Please note that in my avia.js that was previously unmodified, the line to modify is 2027, not 2033.

    I guess one can also simply curl the avia.js file, if not, just get it here:


    When viewing the site right now, I’m only getting the main header links in the drop down. You may want to try flushing your cache or going directly to the avai.js in your browser and refreshing until the change is in the file you are viewing:




    straaaaaange (as in bizzarro kriesi :) ) – i seem to have huge database issues – in fact they’re that huge that i’m unable to acces anything dev -related beyond ftp right now – althouth the site works, my phpmyadmin access is dead and the hosting people are looking into it – the changes in avia.js do appear when the file is loaded directly into a browser, but the submenus still appear when top menu-items are clicked. I had naturally tried to flush all cashes, in fact, when i wish to check on a change i made, i only do so with a fresh firefox profile, a fully reset safari or iOS safari, since i have noticed (also on past jobs) that for some reason beyond my petty knowledge, many wordpress-based sites tend to fail updating changes automatically, but will “wait” to do so for a few minutes, hours or even days (hence the suspected sql server issues).

    any suggestions ?


    OK, this starts getting really weird – i’ve tried the site on 4 of my own iOS devices here at the office and at home in the last days, no changes were visible. One of my co-workers just jammed her iphone in my face showing me that it all works fine, i then tested it on a brand new iPad and finally two Android devices and it does indeed work as advertised… – as i said, i trashed the caches many times, erased whole profiles etc. … i’m clueless to the hows and whys, but the fact is: Josue’s trick WORKS!

    So thanks again Josue and Devin, you guys made my day! :


    Glad we could help. Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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