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    Just installed Brightbox and am in the process of configuring. However, unlike Display, the CU3ER component doesn’t appear to be as obviously configurable in what I’m trying to achieve. The images used for the Display slideshow were 940 x 420, but on Brightbox it appears to be 940 x 380 or so. I really need to reuse the same images as before and am trying to modify the CSS and other files to get it to increase height, but all I’ve achieved thus far is creating a black bar underneath the actual image that I’m trying to make taller.

    1. Is there a way to update the CU3ER slideshow size?

    Another issue is that when I’m adding new slides to CU3ER through the page editor, the first image used is ALWAYS, without prompting or desire, used as the “featured image”, thus showing the image both in the page slider and in the page itself (obviously not what I want).

    2. How can I prevent the theme from automatically taking the first slide image as the featured page image?



    Ok, after a lot of tooling-around with various CSS files and re-upping images, got the CU3ER resize to work.

    However, I still need a fix for the mini-slideshow (it’s not a static image as previously mentioned, but a mini-version of the slideshow!). Clearly have no need for two slideshows on every page that I include a slideshow, so how do I remove the mini-duplication?



    Ok, stupid oversight on my part. My homepage was behaving according to default behaviors until I added the page components (3 columns, e.g.). Problem solved.

    Still have a question in another post in this forum about removing Cufon fonts, however…


    Glad that you found a solution :)



    I have a similar question about resizing the CU3ER image files. Our main site images are sized to 580×420. You will see the first transition with a bug related to the sizes of our images. How do I resize our main image slider area to 580×420 permanently?

    Also as a followup question: we wish to have all the image slider images turn up, down, left, right for the full 3D effect but no slices. Currently using the slide editor in WP, I’ve only accomplished this for the first transition in the ‘up’ direction. Do I need certain settings?




    Its only been a minute, but I answered my followup question by fidgeting with my settings, but I am still interested in resizing the image slider to 580×420.





    in your functions.php file you can find all the used image sizes and adjust them.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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