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    Hello, I am not finding how to resize the content box behind my store. I swear I’ve looked everywhere, and have searched inside this support area for hours, yet I’m still not having any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




    you can resize the content box with following code:

    .content .box {
    min-width: 900px;
    width: 900px;

    Adjust the width/min-width values as required. Please be aware that users with smaller screens might have problems with a bigger content area.


    Perfect, thank you!


    Glad Dude could help :)


    Is there a way to hide the content box but still showing the text? If I use:

    .content .box {

    visibility: hidden;


    The whole content is gone. The white content box and the content itself.



    I allready figure it out. Of course I can put a 100% transparant image behind it. But… there still a way to do it without an image. I think that is better then using a image.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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