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    I resized the slider image area to 300 high, and kept the default width. I uploaded the slider images with height 300. They show the right height in the featured image area in the admin panel.

    When the slider image initially loads it displays correctly but when the description text box fades in, the image then resizes itself within the 300 px area, resulting in a vertically stretched image with some of the bottom of the image cut off. I tried adjust the CSS here (not sure if this is important):

    `.featured, .fadeout {



    But to no avail…

    Here are screen shots to illustrate:

    Please can you help me figure out what is going on? Thank you!



    maybe it’s a js/css conflict. Can you provide a link so that we can debug the website?


    Okay, I am checking with my client to see if we can go live for a day or two for you to debug. I very much appreciate your help!


    My client says we can make the Avisio theme live over this weekend for you to debug. Would that work for you?


    Yes – I think I’ll find a few minutes to look into it :)


    Cool, we really appreciate it! We’ll switch the theme Friday night.


    Hello, the theme is switched over. I’d so much appreciate it if you could take a look and help me figure out the slider problem. Thank you! (Also if you could check out why the posts have the default theme color background, that would be great.)


    Did you have a chance to troubleshoot for us?



    It seems like the images don’t have the right size. You need to adjust the thumbnail dimensions in functions.php too. Afterwards regenerate all images with:


    Okay, so the deal is that you have to use images 940×440. So I redid the slider images and just allowed for the extra space that would not show with the slider image area resized to 940×300. I tried adding dummy space to the lower 140 high area that would not show but this could be seen in the thumbnail, so I just compensated by making sure the relevant part of the image was within the 940×300 space. That way I did not need to reset the thumbnail images. Not an optimal solution but good enough for now.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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