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    Hello. I am having trouble achieving consistency with all of my images.

    For my homepage I am using a custom template with rows that feature different images. I want to make them all the same size so it looks consistent and not like a pin board.

    Also for my products, I am having the same issue. When adding the images to the product slideshow some pictures get cropped.

    What is happening and how can I fix these issues?



    You just have to spend a couple of days in photoshop :

    Full size slider : 930 x 340

    Adjustable slider : 290 x 216

    Portfoliio items and product category thumbnails : 450 x 335

    Preview pics : 36 x 36


    Hi thedavidshow714,

    Additionally, you can force the images to crop the the theme specifications (or change them all together) in the functions.php of the theme files.

    Whats happening is that the various sizes have set width and height. When the width gets met, it can allow the image to be shorter. If you are uploading images that are smaller than the specified size it can cause the images to stretch and then get slightly cropped or stretched and get a bit pixelated.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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