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    I tested WP 3.3 locally and my site’s catnav did not work properly.

    Normally: hover over, then smooth drop down animation, then do whatever

    in WP 3.3: hover over, simply appears and no animation, when hover over list items, it flashes and acts funky, difficult to hover over to the submenus, the dropdown disappears before your cursor reaches submenu.

    Help or fix will appreciated.


    my site is at fm1397.com but i dont have WP 3.3 installed on my server so…



    I tested the catnav with WP3.3 on my test server and it worked. Try to deactivate all plugins – maybe one is not compatible with WP3.3 and causes a js error. Also check that your menus (Appearance > Menu) are configured right and that you’re using the latest theme version ( I think it’s 2.0.3).


    great, you are right, it’s Wibiya Toolbar that’s conflicting with JS in WordPress 3.3

    so here’s a shoutout:

    People who use Wibiya Toolbar and Newscast on WordPress 3.3 , disable Wibiya and wait for updates!!!

    Thanks for the fast reply! You are awesome dude!


    oh btw, i’d like to submit my site into “showcase” section


    Feel free to start a showcase thread – I’ll stick it to the top :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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