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    I was wondering how you set up a home page like you have in the demo site.

    So far I have created a page “Home” that is 100% wide. I have added in a series of short codes for the (1-2-3) as per another post although I seem to have some alignment problems and I have copied it “as is”.

    How do you do the rest, such as the mini slider, recent tweets widget, recent blog posts widget etc.

    I am new to WordPress, having battled through RapidWeaver I thought WordPress would be better (and it probably is), but it seems once again you have to go diving straight into the code, and when you are not familiar with the framework that is a tall ask to put together a simple site.


    Oh – my test site is:

    Is there a shortcode dictionary somewhere? (I have googled but with no joy, just random posts)


    I might have solved this by discovering the “magic wand”. I also found out how to include WP widgets with a little bit of research. I’m still not sure why my text is indented within the heading while your demo is not.


    I am using the CSS inspector in Safari and I notice that the entry-content area is being indented (or padded).

    I have looked at both dark-skin.css and style.css and I can’t see anything that is explicitly adding padding in. Any ideas? As I stated previously the demo doesn’t have this problem so something has been modified.


    The solution was to add:

    [one_third first...]

    As well as remove a few accidental <p>s as a result of formatting my HTML.

    Problem solved!


    Glad that you found a solution :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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