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    I’m thinking about purchasing Replete. I’ve already purchased Abundance and Propulsion and I was wondering if you can highlight some of the newer features or functionality that Replete has that the other 2 don’t

    Also, is there a gallery of live sites that I can look at that use the Replete template?

    Thanks :)



    Since you are already comfortable getting around Propulsion admin area, then you would appreciate the 4 new dynamic template elements including logo/partner list, heading, and the product slider. It’s faster, powered by Kriesi’s latest framework, with tighter wpml/woocommerce integration, plus a damn hot overall look and the style with all the bells and whistles that today’s online consumer expects from their merchant. Besides, Kriesi’s elite support staff is on hand round the clock to answer any riddle, solve every puzzle whether it’s day or night or late afternoon. :)

    There is no gallery, however if you search on google for inurl:wp-content/themes/replete/ you will find many domains running it (just remember to go to the domain root since that search query will find javascript and css files)




    Okay, I think you’ve sold me on Replete!

    I found several sites by searching using the query you posted….very great idea…not sure why I didn’t think of that lol

    My biggest concerns are Woocommerce integration being seamless as well as WPML plugin being fully functional. The project I’m working on is an international e-commerce website with a catalog file of 13000 items and about 2x’s that in images….

    I purchased WPML, CSV Product Import Suite and have had my eye on replete for some time now but wanted to make sure it was solid and had more features and functionality than Abundance and Propulsion even though they are both great templates as well.

    Thank you!



    Yes, Replete has definitely more features than Propulsion and Abundance. It even supports a (responsive) mega menu :)



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