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    I am creating a very basic site in Replete theme. Only 4 ‘simple type’ products are being sold. I have created a Dynamic Template. Under the Product Slider I have selected 4 columns. Product Count is also set at 4.

    I have copied the WooCommerce ‘Simple Test Product’ template that came with the theme four times and created 4 products. Set the product images on all 4 as Featured. But only one of the product images together with 3 place-holders get displayed when the page is visited! I can’t understand why it doesn’t display all four items in the page. I have spent hours trying to get this sorted and have spent so much time comparing the product pages, which have exactly the same settings but just can’t see what is going wrong.
    The Product Slider as it comes incorporates 4 different ‘types’ of products place-holders: Simple, Grouped, etc. I only need to use the Simple type four times. My brain is aching! Would you please put me in the right direction.

    I love your theme, but can’t help not mentioning the very poor documentation that it comes with it. It is too brief and seems that it is aimed that people with advanced skills in using your themes. The links don’t go anywhere! Some of the screen shots looks like they are probably for another theme! With a good, meaningful and comprehensive set of documentation it should be very easy to create a site using any theme and cut the valuable time of the support staff helping people like me :-)

    I understand you are creating new documentation, but I am afraid that is going to come in too late for me. I have a lot of questions but am pacing myself as also not to overburden you with too many questions. However I am now completely stuck until I can get help with the above problem.

    Thanking you in advance

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    Hi Nader-M!

    Did you use a plugin to actually copy the single products or did you re-create them from scratch by going Products>Add Product? When you view each of the products does the image show correctly on each?

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin,

    This is what I did:
    Clicked on Products on the left hand panel.
    Hovered over ‘Simple Test Product’, which then shows the options: Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View, Duplicate
    Clicked on Duplicate (I thought the purpose of the ‘Duplicate’ option was so that you could quickly create products with the same settings etc.).
    Created Product Gallery Image and also a Featured Image. Kept everything else as it was.
    Clicked on Publish!

    I have also tried this now:
    Deleted the products that had used ‘Duplicate’ to create.
    Created new products from scratch using the ‘Add Product’ link.
    But unfortunately no success!

    I know you are all very busy, but may I request a quick response please.

    Thank you

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    Can you create us a temporary admin account so we can log in and take a look at things live? Just respond with the credentials and site url here and make sure to mark the response as “Set as private reply” so that only we can see it.


    Dear Devin,

    Thank you for your response – I really appreciate it.
    However, I seem to have solved the problem. I deleted all the place-holder products. That then seems to have done the job. I think it may be that the Woocommerce selects ‘randomly’ the products that you have (whether place-holders or otherwise) and chooses which products to display and if you have more than your number of products INCLUDING the place-holders then randomly displayed products are more often than not miss your own products! Having deleted all the place-holders, it had no choice other than display the four products I had created! :-)

    I have another question I hope you can help with:
    I need to remove the top menu “My Account”, “Logout”, “Search”. I have read all the Q/As and found an answer to similar question that was answered by Kriesi:

    [On the top banner beside my logo is a “My Account” and “Log Out” button. How do I remove this from the banner?
    Thanks in advance.]
    Kriesi AUTHOR: The easiest way I guess is to create an empty menu in appearance->menus and apply this empty menu as “Replete Header Small Menu”.
    A lot of times you guys provide answers to problems looks like you are talking to each other (experts in the theme). Please remember that taking a few more seconds to explain better and more fully will save a lot of your own time later!

    Now can you help me PLEASE to understand what he means with above phrase?
    I have created the new menu, but am struggling with: {APPLY this empty menu as “Replete Header Small Menu”}. Please tell me exactly what I need to do and in a language I can understand and implement. If I can’t understand a lot of these answers to questions then I promise you a lot of other people can’t either!

    I truly love your theme but am unfortunately getting very frustrated with certain things and I think it all boils down to very poor documentation.

    Looking forward to your answer.


    1) Oh, well. I have just managed to sort this problem to some extent as well. I now have got rid of the “My Account” and “Logout” menu options, but the “Search” option is still there. How do I remove that please? Thanks again and sorry to ask too many questions. At least I am getting there even though very slowly! :-)

    2) I know how to change the number of columns in the Footnote. Would you please let me know how I can change the footnote to different information being displayed. Thank you.

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    For #1 you can just use this to show neither the sub menu or the search:

    .header_meta, .sub_menu {
    display: none;

    The footer’s contents is controlled by your choice of widgets. If you wanted to use some other kind of content then you would actually have to manually edit the footer.php file in the theme files.


    Looks like I have almost finished the site and may be up and running before the end of the week! I have managed to get answers to a lot of my questions by studying existing forum both in here as well as the one in themeforest.

    #1) Does the above code go in the header.php?
    If so, do I delete the existing code in there or just add this to it? If add it, where does it go? Beginning, end or replaces a part of a code already there? If replaces part of the code, which bit please?

    #2) May I have some advice on how to do the footer bit please.
    I quite like the shape of the existing footer. Will I lose the arrow like shape of the footer as well by adding new widgets?
    Also, when you say add widgets, do you mean I should find WordPress widgets that I like on the internet and then apply them to any one of the 4 Footer – Columns in the “Appearance > Widgets”? I am very hesitant to try things out in case I ruin anything.

    Thank you again for your help and advice.


    For #1 add the css to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #2 – You can customize what is in the widget columns in your footer from the WordPress Appearance>Widgets section. Drag and drop widgets to the Footer columns as needed.

    You can use plugins that have widgets or any of the supplied widgets and add/remove them whenever you want.


    That’s great, thank you very much.

    After adding css to Quick CSS, how does one remove it to get back to the original setting please? I can see how one might edit the custom css file but not sure how to undo codes in quick css.

    The more I use the Replete theme, the more I love it.

    Thank you.



    You can simply remove custom CSS code from Quick CSS section or Custom.css file, also, you can comment it out by placing your code inside /* */ as following

    /* a { font-size: 19px; } */



    Thanks very much Yigit.

    Have a great Christmas.

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