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    I have just launched a new website using replete some weeks ago *removed by devin* and when I search the name of the website it doesn’t show on google searches, but when I make a search using site:*removed by devin* i can see many results including many directories that shouldn’t show like for example *removed by devin*

    I had the same problem with another Kriesi Theme not showing on google searches and also showing many weird directories on google results, the robots.txt is working once google shows “A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more” but the robots.txt is not blocking the indexing of them only shows this message

    My question is what I need to do to fix it, how to avoid the searches for the theme to include all the weird results, and also why it does not show on searches when I type *removed by devin*

    I’m using SEO by Yoast and also the website has a sitemap and also a robots.txt

    Sitemap: *removed by devin*

    # Google Image

    User-agent: Googlebot-Image


    Allow: /*

    # Google AdSense

    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*


    # digg mirror

    User-agent: duggmirror

    Disallow: /

    # global

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /cgi-bin

    Disallow: /wp-admin

    Disallow: /wp-includes

    Disallow: /wp-content/plugins

    Disallow: /wp-content/cache

    Disallow: /wp-content/themes

    Disallow: /trackback

    Disallow: /feed

    Disallow: /comments

    Disallow: /category/*/*

    Disallow: */trackback

    Disallow: */feed

    Disallow: */comments

    Disallow: /*?*

    Disallow: /*?

    Allow: /wp-content/uploads

    many thanks


    Hi chanleo,

    There isn’t much we can really do about how google views and shows the results for any given site. Using Yoast, you are already getting just about the best bonus to SEO you can. Outside of that, there isn’t really anything the theme is doing to interfere with or modify how google crawls the site.




    Hey Devin,

    Many thanks for your fast reply, something I have noticed is that when I use other themes it doesn’t happen generally google ranks the website quite fast and when I do a search using I got a proper result showing only the real pages of the website and not hidden directories, I understand that SEO is about content and so on, but at least for me all websites I do using Kriesi themes give me this weird results on google search, you can see that a lot of results are showing framework folders or others URLs which apparently should be hidden? I mean a lot of results can not be generated by pages or products created once they seems to me to be structural folders and files

    I have seen some users having some similar issues in this forum and they are directed to use the robots.txt but it is not avoiding all this URLs to be indexed by google and also not showing in google searches, I did another website using Kriesi themes and had the same problem http://www. with this client once I made his website live after like 3 weeks I had the same scenario, no search results on google even when searched by but when I searched by site: I could see many results about the website including all directories even some JS folders and so on. To fix that I use the robots.txt and went in each folder pointed on the “weird” search results and added a index.html with a meta tag to noindex and also went to google webmaster tool and removed all undesired search results through webmaster tools, after I did these procedures the website was showing on the first page on google for all searches involving ”

    ” but it is a lot of work to to do every time we finish a website, and also I would like to really know what is happening (might be a combination of server and theme?)

    I was wondering if any other user is having this problems with ranking when they finish their websites, I love Kriesi themes, but it is really frustrating for me when it happens once I cannot explain exactly what is happening to clients and need to do a lot of thing to hide the weird results and also all the steps I described above

    Hey Devin, sorry to a be a pain t insist on that, but was hoping any other designer/developer having the same issue could help us to detect where it is happening an how to solve it

    I will try to repeat the same processes I did with and post my results in here

    many thanks



    Hi Leo,

    I’ve tagged the topic for Kriesi to take a look at.

    I’m not sure what steps you have already taken, but when I search for the site name I get the following results:





    Hey Guys, just to let you know I have notice the websiute showing on the results now, many thanks for the help from Devin, really helped me to know the website was showing in your results on google, noe just one thing this posted is showing as part of the google results for what it is not what I wish, there is a way for you guys to delete this post please so it stops to dhow as a result on google index?




    I’ve edited the posts to remove references to your site. Glad its working for you now :)



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