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    I recently purchased Replete (beautiful!) and have tried unsuccessfully to figure something out. If it is in the forum then I am searching with the wrong words and I apologize.

    I’m creating a greeting card site. My products are varying sizes and shapes, some portrait, some landscape, and so forth. The consistent crop is good on the product pages because it looks cleaner. But I would very much like the actual card in its entirety to appear on hover, no matter the shape, not simply a larger version of the cropped image. Is that possible, and if so, please tell me how.

    Thank you so much in advance!


    You can use the Magic Zoom plugin: Magic Zoom which will show the fullsize image on mouse hover. You can also combine it with a lightbox.


    Thank you for your reply. I’m a little confused because it looks like (from the demo) that you can only see a close up of part of the image at any given time on hover. I actually like what is built into Replete already and would really like to just use that. Except I would like it to be a *little* bigger zoom AND show the un-cropped version of the image. I don’t really want the “full” sized image – that would be too big. Just enough so people can read the captions on the cards easily. Is that possible? (I’m kind of a WordPress newbie so please assume I don’t know much when you reply. Much appreciated!) Surely there is a way to enlarge the zoom and un-restrict the crop at the same time?

    If it’s not possible to do with the Replete theme alone then you are saying this Magic Zoom can do exactly what I’m describing? (Note: I want this effect on hover, not click.) Again, I want the image bigger (and not cropped) on hover but not full size.

    Thanks again. (Unfortunately I tried to ask these things before purchasing Replete but could not get any response.) :(


    Replete does not support a hover effect but only a lightbox effect: (click on the image to trigger it). The lightbox should display the “full size” version of the image which is not cropped. If this doesn’t work in your case please post a link to a page where the lightbox doesn’t work as expected. It’s not possible to use another “zoomed” image instead of the full size image for the lightbox.


    Obviously, I am not using the correct words when I ask my question. I do not what the effect you describe, although I do appreciate your reply. What I want is what is shown on this demo page: – and is the default for the theme.

    This effect currently is working for me exactly as is shown in the demo. All I am asking is for the ability to make this same effect (the default one you see there on that page) to be a little larger but not full size, and for it to show the image in it’s un-cropped version instead of a slightly bigger version of the cropped one.

    Additionally, I want it to be on hover, not click, exactly as it works already.

    Does this make any sense? Sorry if I’m not explaining it well enough. If I had a page I would give you the link but unfortunately I’m developing locally until I understand the theme well enough to secure hosting and develop there. I might have to do sooner than I thought. :)


    Hi creatorofstuff,

    The effect should already be on hover. If it isn’t happening then there is an issue with the installation.

    The image is decided by the way the image thumbnails are generated. You can use a plugin like to easily change the image thumbnail size and crop. The images are still constrained by the theme css but this will change the size of images generated for the various uses throughout the theme as well as if they are cropped or not (no crop vs crop).

    The hover effect for products is defined on line 757 in the theme files config-woocommerce>woocommerce-mod.css line 757-763. You’ll need to change the width percentage as well as the positioning at the least.



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