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    I’m not sure if this has something to do with the WordPress update that rolled out (today?) or not, but the full size gallery gets stuck on the 2nd image in Chrome and Firefox. Seems to work fine in I.E. 10. I’ve tried the various transition effects with no luck. I’ve also tried removing the image from both the gallery, and the image library, re-uploading, and even renaming.

    In addition to that trying to add captions, and buttons won’t work either, unless it’s on the very first image. Any ideas?


    Meant to add a link: http://bit.ly/16NsBdt


    Having the same problem with the slider on my site also. The movement is lagging and the text attached to the images on the slider doesn’t seem to appear. Believe it may have something to do with the update although this was done a few hours before the problem occurred.




    Hi All,

    While we’ve tried to make everyone aware there is no patch out for any theme to bring it up to date for 3.6. Your best route is to downgrade to 3.5.2. There is a video linked by another user that I’ve been recommending to help with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwNR6NVhVFQ




    This is a new build for a client, so I think I’ll just wait for a patch if it’s not going to be very long?


    We released an update for Enfold yesterday and Kriesi will start to fix the other themes today. Based on our internal tests it seems like just the slider scripts are affected by the jquery/wp 3.6 update and the framework js files, etc. work just fine.


    I updated to 1.5 but the slider is still not functioning properly. I updated the new theme using my FTP but something is still not right. Please help.



    It seems like you’re using a cache plugin or something similar which still loads the old (not updated) files. This file: http://www.thequeenstea.com/wp-content/themes/replete/js/aviapoly2.js,qver=1.0.0.pagespeed.jm.LRiTz9Nco0.js is loaded at the moment and it contains the old code which is different from the uncompressed file here: http://www.thequeenstea.com/wp-content/themes/replete/js/aviapoly2.js


    I have been waiting a couple of weeks for an answer to find out why I can’t install Replete updates so that I can install the WP updates. I unpacked the Replete folder, uploaded the “newest” version of the theme and I get the following error.

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    Destination folder already exists. /home/djc/public_html/store/wp-content/themes/replete/

    Theme install failed.

    Until I update the theme apparently the jquery won’t work with the latest WP update.


    Hey debchapin!

    If you didnt do any file modifications to the replete theme the easist way is to simply remove the old theme from your server, upload the new one and then activate it.

    You can also use an ftp program to simply overwrite the old theme folder with the new one :)



    Yes we are one of the users that has suffered the WP update which killed the slider. Can you give us an idea when you will have an update?

    Great themes by the way, by far the best we have ever used. Please let us know.




    @susannaholt: Updates are up. You can download it on your themeforest account. It should fix the slider. Please don’t forget to remove browser cache then refresh the page after the theme upgrade.





    I downloaded the theme update. It will not install. I get a message unpacking theme and sits. Nothing.

    Any thoughts?



    This is all I get when I load the theme?

    Unpacking the package…


    Okay got is bad hosting



    You can update the files via FTP. Please watch this video: https://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/64927356



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