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    I think the following is happening in Replete:

    – I have adapted the design in the base language (DE)

    – Have then made some other edits in the “Theme Options” in the other languages of the site (EN ,FR) and saved them

    – Replete then seems to revert to the base design, because I hadn’t made the design changes in EN, FR, and the latest saved changes in the EN, FR version seem to override.

    Is there anyway to “protect” my design changes?



    We’ll fix the issue with the next theme update. For now you can fix it by modifying wp-contentthemesrepletefunctions.php and wp-contentthemesrepletefunctions-replete.php.

    In both files replace following line

    $safe_name = avia_backend_safe_string(THEMENAME);


    global $avia;
    $safe_name = avia_backend_safe_string($avia->base_data['prefix']);

    Replete will generate a different stylesheet for each language afterwards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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