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    We failed our PCI compliance scan, on item related to a call to an outdated jQuery.
    The PCI scan shows vulnerable jQuery version: 1.3.1
    When I view the source code of the home page of http://www.frontiertactical.com I see references to scripts looking for jquery 1.1.2.

    I have checked to see if all my plugin were updated. Deactivated and removed several as well. Still we cannot pass this one PCI scan item. Could it be a Replete theme item or plugin?

    Help? Thx!

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    Seems like Wordfence is blocking access on my end, what countries are allowed? You might want to consider disabling the plugin so that all the moderators can have access to the site.

    Best regards,


    The Wordfence plugin has been disabled. You should have access now.


    Hi flippydidit,

    Does the scan show a path to the file? I am seeing only jQuery 1.12.4 in wp-includes.

    Best regards,


    I believe the jQuery is one that comes with WordPress. However, when I use a jQuery Updater plugin, the site slideshow (and possibly other features) stops working…


    Hi flippydidit,

    Does the scan show where that outdated jQuery is?

    Best regards,

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