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    Hi guys, i have updated my theme to the latest version and since that i get a page without a loaded stylesheet.

    1. Everything was working fine until i did the update to the latest version.

    2. The theme has been renamed ( theme folder + the info in the stylesheet )

    3. None of the php files are modified

    4. Some additional css rules are added to the custom.css file

    5. i have replaced all the theme files (except the my custom.css) on the server. And i have edited the style.css to reflect the name of my theme folder.

    6. i have installed the theme on a new wordpress setup to test things and the problem appears as soon as i save my theme settings.

    7. I choose the black redefine skin safe my settings and after the second refresh of the page the entire site is loaded without a stylesheet.

    It would be great if somebody could help me fixing hat error as soon as possible.


    Hi Shorty05,

    The theme no longer loads in the css inside the main page but it should still save it to the new file for it. Can you link us to the site so we can take a look live?




    Hi Devin, i found and fixed the problem. To get my wordpress sites a bit more secure i use a htaccess file to secure my uploads folder. Means only jpg,png,gif and other image formats can be uploaded to that folder. All other files are blogged by the htaccess file.

    Since version 1.3.1 Kriese is generating a dynamic css file which is uploaded to the uploads folder.

    So the problem was that the script was not able to generate that file and upload it to my uploads folder.

    Is there are way to change the location of the dynamic css file ? Can i modify the script to get that file uploaded to a custom location ?



    I’ve tagged Kriesi and Peter on that as I’m not sure. I’ve not dug into the new generation code yet but either of them should be able to give a bit more information.




    Yes, you can change the stylesheet path with a filter function – add it to functions.php:

    add_filter('avia_dyn_stylesheet_dir_path', 'avia_change_path',10,1);
    function avia_change_path($stylesheet_dir) {
    //echo $stylesheet_dir;
    return "/your/custom/server/path";

    and change /your/custom/server/path to a valid uri on your server. Note that it must be a relative path on your server and an url (http://…) will not work. If you want to find out the current path remove the comment sign from the echo code and go to your website – wp will output the path at the very top of your website. The directory must be writable.


    Awesome ! That works fine. Thanks for the fix guys ;)

    btw awesome support!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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