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    Hi all

    I believe I may have incured an “over optimisation penalty” with my website due to the excessive usage of <h> tags found on the homepage of my website. I’d like to change these with paragraph styles, I have tried to add them into the custom.css file & base.css file, however it doesn’t appear to work.

    Also, my page code is full of “custom css” which is making the file rather large, it would make more sense for this to be hosted externally?

    Could somebody please take the time to tell me what I need to change (and provide the code so I can copy and paste it), I’d really appreciate it

    or if a member of the support staff would be able to implement these changes for me, please get in touch and I will provide any login details needed.

    Changes Requested:


    1 – Custom CSS found in page source

    i.e <!– custom styles set at your backend–> to <!– end custom styles–>

    NOT to appear in the page source, instead I want this linked in an external css file (loosing functionality to quickly change colours etc is fine)

    2 – Logo

    I do NOT want this to be within a <h1> tag. I just want to insert the image into the .div(Hardcoding this is fine).

    3 – Need a new paragraph style (i.e .services) to look like the current <h5> on my website (jonathanwalker.me) saying “free advice”.

    4: Need a new paragraph style (i.e smallheading) to replace <h3> used on widget headings

    5: Need widget headings to use the new paragraph style (i.e smallheading).

    Blog page

    1: New paragraph style (i.e .blogheading), that looks like, but will replace current <h1> usage.

    <h1> usage for blog story titles on their specific page is great!)

    I realise there is a fair bit requested..but I really do feel this is needed.

    many thanks




    please don’t ignore this post – I’m happy to pay somebody to make changes :)


    Hi Jonathan,

    I would recommend looking into a Freelance Developer to handle that many changes for you. The changes you are looking to have done are a bit beyond the scope of what we could offer as it would take quite a bit of time and back and forth with you to customize it the way you’d like.

    If you are looking for page performance optimization, look at something like W3 Total Cache. This will crunch the css and more down and reduce page size as well as reduce the number of calls to your actual database.




    very dissapointing, I was only asking for a few paragraph styles and for css to be placed elswhere (which should really be the case any way)


    Hey Jonathan,

    Sorry to disappoint but its not quite as simple as you seem to think. Everything is generated through the php and wordpress together and then heavily styled through the various css. What you are asking for is to re-do not only how the final html page is generated (by redoing multiple theme files) but also to then re-style the entire site to look and act the same.

    For example, changing a single h1 element into a p tag would mean that every css reference to h1 would have to be changed and then identified and finally re-styled. The major reason you use h1-h5 is to correctly and easily style important elements. When you take away those tags you take away the ability to quickly and easily style major components of a layout/content.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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