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    great theme! love it!

    one quick question (and this maybe a stupid one…):

    if i have a page created, for example a contact us page, the page is 2 columns (75%-25%). i see the form on the left column and i see ‘Pages’ & ‘Archives’ on the right sidebar. how do i get rid of the right sidebar items and replace it with what i want?

    i tried creating a dynamic content page and assign the form to that page, but the form itself does not show up.

    i hope this makes sense.



    update: i’m able to replace the sidebar for all the pages except for the contact us page. is there a specific way of replacing the default sidebar in contact us page?




    the contact page uses the same (structure) template like other pages – first page.php is called, then the loop-page.php (which is located in the folder “includes” and at least contact-form.php (also located in the folder includes). The sidebar is called in page.php and isn’t influenced by the contact form.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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