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    Hi all,

    at this moment I have an iweb-page wich is very succesfull in the SEO google ranking.

    Now I’ve developped an whole new WordPress-site (of course!!;-)) and want to set this one live on my domain, but… I’m afraid I will lose this beautifull google ranking?

    A) What if I delete my iWeb-site totally and replace it with my brand new wordpress-site?

    – When people (in the first weeks) search on the same keywords and see the links of my iweb-page in google

    => will they get a 404-error message that the page does not exists anymore?

    B) Is there a way to “redirect” the iweb-page to my new site? So I won’t have any problems at all?

    C) Other solutions for this?

    Thanks in advance!!




    I’m not a SEO expert, though I believe when you keep the same page structure and the same use of headings etc. not much will change. For example if you have a page called mysite.com/contact/ on your “old” site you should have no problem creating a contact page in your new WordPress installation which will now become mysite.com/contact/.

    Redirecting doesn’t seem a good option since it’ll just start indexing the page you’re linking to .. which is a null operation.

    I believe google indexes your site for keywords and url – meaning that if you’re keeping the same structure not much will happen – if anything your ranking will improve for your wished keywords, since the theme is optimised.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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