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    I am a complete newb when it comes to WordPress, as it’s my first time using it. I’ve basically explored majority of it’s options and what not.

    But what i’d like is to be able to change the Title of the ‘ Mini Content ‘ box that you can have on your home page.

    I’ve looked through everywhere and can’t seem to find how I could. You have it changed on your live demo template.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks! :D


    Hi Z4CHARI,

    The title used is the one you set for that page. So all you need to do is change the page title and update it.




    I know that, but when I assign it to the home page, the link in my Main Menu is ” Home ” it automatically is titled ” Home “

    I don’t want the box to be titled ” Home “. How can I keep the link in the main menu as home, but change the title in the box?



    You can go to Appearance > Menus and change the label of the menu to “Home”.




    Done thanks Ismael!


    Glad that Devin & Ismael got you back on track,



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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