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    Havent seen this question for this particular theme unless no ones tagged it….

    I have been able to rename all my pages except the Home page. I saw some guidance on one of the other theme threads which said to use Appearance>Menus, however Ive renamed both the Navigation link and Title Attribute Fields but nothing updates when I click save, nothing happens.

    Is there something Im doing wrong or like one of the other posts, do I need to look for the specific code in the header php (if so, which one)


    Hi terryhouldin,

    Try deleting the link from Appearance > Menu then create a new custom link or find the page in the list and add back to the menu. Once you’ve done that change the name again, save and refresh your page.




    Hi Mya

    Thanks for your reply. I think I may b stuck here.

    Prior to my post, I created a new custom menu and tried working with that but to no avail

    I then read someone elses post with a similar problem and they were directed to delete the first menu to get it to work

    Which I did, but which happened to be the Sentence menu.

    Fortunately for whatever reason, although I can not edit it, the Sentence menu remains when I click the empty box in the dropdown menu selector.

    In the mean time, creating a new menu does work except for one drawback… the font for the menu is now super tiny unless you get a magnifying glass. And I have no idea how to change this.

    Could someone help please!



    On Appearance > Menus, if there is an existing menu, delete that. Create another called “Sentence Main Menu”. Insert your menu items including your Home page. You can choose to change the Navigation Label for each menu item.




    Thanks Ismael

    Will doing that resolve the font issues I mentioned in my last post, i.e being super tiny… im worried that if I delete the existing menu and then add Sentence Main Menu, if I dont have the old one, I wont have anything to return to.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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