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    Hi there,

    I changed the image size on single post pages to be really huge and don’t need the lightbox in this instance.

    For example, when I hover above the big picture on http://worlddailyphoto.com/middle-east/wadi-rum-camel-ride I don’t want a Lightbox option to appear.

    Thanks in advance,





    You can also just select the “Link to this post” or even “No link” option when you insert the featured image into the post.


    @frugally4u – Thanks for trying to help, really appreciate it! I checked the links but they’re for other themes and the files/code mentioned in them aren’t the same as in Shoutbox :(

    @rumblefish – That is true, but then readers can’t click the thumbnail to get the single post page either.

    For now I’ve removed the hover/magnifying glass effect, so at least people aren’t prompted to click.

    I’m using a large image for the single posts and the lightbox actually shows the image in a smaller size than on the page, so that’s why I want to remove the lightbox from single posts. Here’s the a single post, if you’re curious: http://worlddailyphoto.com/india/magnificent-taj-mahal


    I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to remove the lightbox because this wouldn’t remove the image link anyway. The user could still click on the image and view the fullsize version in the browser window. I think the lightbox effect is a better alternative – even in your case.


    I use” link to this post.” It’s not perfect because it basically gives you a link to the same post again, but it lets you open a thumbnail and it stops the lightbox from opening.

    Actually there should be an alternative option for the problem Woodwink has described. One that lets you open a thumbnail but then leaves no further links to the opened image. Something like “link from thumbnail”.


    @dude – Yeah, I’ve left the Lightbox effect, only removed the opacity/magnifying glass hover effect so that people aren’t prompted to click (if they click they’ll see the Lightbox)

    Thanks for your help guys. Will leave it for now.


    @woodwinked, or anyone who knows,How did you change the opacity of the overlay? I can’t seem to find it.


    Hi hotspot01,

    you can open up wp-contentthemesshoutbox_1.1.4shoutboxjsprettyPhotojsjquery.prettyPhoto.js and find the following in the 8th line:


    You can change this value to whatever you’d like to change the opacity.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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