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    How can I completely remove the search box from the top righthand side of header?

    Is there a way to widgetize the top right header area?


    Hi zdevine,

    You can remove the following line in the header.php and add your widget code in its place:


    See: as a quick reference for creating a new sidebar area.




    When I remove the get_search_form function, it blows up the layout when rendered in Internet Explorer 8 and 9. It drops the entire site to the left side of the page. Another crazy thing is that the entire site is non-clickable. Meaning I cannot click on any links. I verified that the ending of the PHP function is still in tact as well. This same behavior happens as well when I try and remove the social bookmarks from the header in the same section. Chrome and Firefox of course work just fine.


    You ignore my last request. I believe I have it figured out. The program I was using to edit the PHP file must have been corrupting the code. When I switched programs, I was able to modify this properly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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