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    I have created a dynamic template using your template builder. The template includes a column section that is selected to show a single page (not a post). But the permalink to the page is shown in <h3> above the title. How do I remove the permalink? Can I just leave the title field blank on the back end?

    If I create the template to display the page content, there is an option to exclude the header. That method removes the permalink, but it seems to be a backwards way to do this. I want to use the column function, which I guess I can use the short codes to set up on the page.

    The site is being developed on a remote server instead of my local workstation, and I am very new to WordPress. I don’t want to break it. Can you help?



    You can hide the title via CSS, just add this on your custom.css.

    h3.dynamic-column-title {
    display: none;

    Or you can edit includes > helper-templates.php and find this code

    $output .= "<h3 class='dynamic-column-title'><a href='".get_permalink()."' rel='bookmark' title='".__('Permanent link:','avia_framework')." ".get_the_title()."'>".get_the_title()."</a></h3>";

    Replace it with

    $output .= "<h3 class='dynamic-column-title'>".get_the_title()."</h3>";

    There are two instances of the code so you have to change them both.




    Thank you for the quick response. I really appreciate it.



    Glad that Ismael could help you :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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