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    Here is a link to what I would like to remove if you can point me in the right direction. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. This is the last little thing I need to figure out before loading content. Thanks for the SWEET theme, it is perfect. And forgive me if this is a simple fix, I am learning.

    If you go to my site, , you will see what I mean as well. Thanks again.

    “blog” needing removed


    1) On a standard page you can remove the page title on the page editor page (just delete the content in the title field).

    2) If you’re using the blog template open up template-blog.php and replace

    $title  = __('Blog - Latest News', 'avia_framework'); //default blog title


    $title  = '';


    Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. I assume if I wanted to input value (name) other than the page name (i.e.. blog) I would just place it between the quotes?


    I may have it setup wrong. I am wanting to use the blog page as the homepage but either not show the page name, i.e.. blog, in the same section as the search bar. Also, I noticed on the “shop” page that page title is below that section instead between the lines like the search box. If that can’t easily be done, I like to be able to set the name myself or simply take out that code altogether (which I figured out how to do on the template-blog.php file, I just would have to find that snippet of code on the page for posts, and the others I am using. Sorry to be a pain, but as you can see I know a little about PHP just not alot yet. Thanks for all your help.

    Also, would it be ok to place a link on my page to you all at


    Hi kwstearnes,

    The shop page should have the title correctly as seen here: . Have you modified any of the other page loops or the loo-index file at all?




    I don’t think I have, but I can’t say for sure. I’ve done just a tiny bit of editing but not much. Should I probably just reload my theme and start over? I must have changed something and not realized it.


    I went back and reloaded the theme itself in case I had changed some PHP for that section by accident. Do you think it matters if I don’t have any items in the shop yet?


    Looks like it works after I have an item in the shop. If there aren’t any images in the shop it doesn’t sit in the space between the lines like it should or display the default sorting drop down. All good now, thanks for trying to help though I appreciate it. Guess I should get some stuff ready to sell.



    Glad it is fixed. :)

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