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    I need to remove some this from the portfolio page(s):

    -the Like/Tweets Count & What it was posted under

    I’m looking in the loop-portfolio-single.php file and I believe I see where the meta information is, but I’m not very comfortable with code and am unsure of what exactly I should remove (without ruining other elements of the pages).

    Could you help me with what exact part of the code I should remove?


    Also, I would like to change the “(previous entry)” (above the portfolio item) to different text. Where can I find this in the code?

    (See )




    Try this in your custom.css or Quick css

    .post-meta-infos {
    display: none;




    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for this CSS addition. It worked well. However, I need to change the text from “Related Entries” to something along the lines of “Related Brands/Other Brands/etc.”

    I looked into the “related-posts.php” file and I changed the text there, but it also changed the text for related blog posts.

    Could you tell me how to only change the text for my portfolio items? Perhaps there is a CSS addition?



    Best way to take care of thing like that, is to download Notepad++ ( ) and unzip the theme somewhere on your local system, and then just search with Notepadd++ the entire directory and any files that have ”Related Entries’ will be displayed. (that’s what I do).

    Look for the line 67 of related-posts.php in the /includes/ folder which looks like

    $output .= "<h5 class='related_title'>".__('Related Entries', 'avia_framework')."</h5>";

    delete only that line, and in its place paste the code below

    if( $is_portfolio)
    $output .= "<h5 class='related_title'>".__('Related Portfolio', 'avia_framework')."</h5>";
    } else {
    $output .= "<h5 class='related_title'>".__('Related Entries', 'avia_framework')."</h5>";

    You should probably make a backup of that entire file first in case there is a problem.




    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for that. I was able to edit the Titles based on the code you inputted here. But most of all, thanks for pointing me to Notepad ++! What a great resource. I was able to make a number of edits & changes because of it.

    Thanks again,



    Glad Nick was able to help Stephen :)

    Notepad++ is a big favorite of mine as well!





    Here is another good resource . You can compare any two files or compare all files in 2 different directories and subdirectories side by side. So you can compare your current theme to an update or your current theme to a modified theme and instantly see every single change side by side. I haven’t used it for merging, but for comparison its invaluable.



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