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    I would like to hide/remove the sidebar from all my pages and post. Most of the page layout allow for that, but I can’t seem to get ride of the one for the blog and a few other pages. Can you help me with the code I need to remove my sidebar for the whole site? Thanks.



    u can do this in your backend or theme options.

    there u can see on the right side in WP backend:

    Overwrite default Post Layout

    there u can set NO SIDEBAR.

    for default you must set it in theme options, LAYOUT & SETTINGS, Default Page Layout > no sidebar


    Thats for the info. I got ride of all the sidebars, except I am trying to integrate woocommerce with this theme and the “product” pages do not have these options.

    I saw that Choices might be updated to work with woocommerce. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. I think it would sell thousands because it has such a great style and nothing can come close to it currently. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE INTEGRATE WITH WOOCOMMERCE!!!

    Anyways, hope you can help.



    Hi photojake,

    Is the sidebar issue resolved now?

    @ak-muc: Thanks for helping out. :)




    no problem :) but hes right.

    i just bought propulsion for woocommerce, but i would appreciate if woocommerce is possible for choices too :)


    The sidebar for my product pages with woocommerce is still there and is formatted wrong (it is under the product instead of being to the left or right). If you can tell me how to hide it. Yes, please integrate it with woocommerce (just like the portfolio section where it has a ajax open in the same page feature would be amazing).



    Is there any word on the integration of woocommerce into this theme? I would LOVE it if it was added. Also, if anyone can help me in the meantime with the problem above, that would be great. Thanks.



    Yesterday I talked to Kriesi and unfortunately Choices will not receive a woocommerce update yet. Maybe he’ll add it in the future but it depends on various factors (sales, price, etc.) and I can’t say if Choices will eventually support Woocommerce or not.


    Hello Dude,

    Thanks for the update. Is there anyway you would allow me to upgrade to Propulsion ( I can send you the $15 difference via paypal) so that I can use woocommerce with one of your amazing themes??? Please let me know. Thanks.



    Hello Dude,

    Can you check to see if I can exchange my theme??? Please :) . Please email me

    photojake (at)




    It would be awesome if someone could get back to me. I would love to exchange my theme with Propulsion (and pay the difference). :) Thanks.



    Hi Jacob,

    Honestly, I don’t know if you can do that. I’ll flag the rest of the team and Kriesi to answer.




    Hello Mya,

    Thanks for the response. I look forward to here the answer. Thanks.



    Hey Jacob,

    Sorry for the delay but the go-to for all things sales is actually Themforest. They handle all refunds/exchanges/purchase issues. Its been a while since I’ve done any returns and I’ve never actually done an exchange (if they are possible) but Envato is usually pretty flexible :)




    Hello Devin,

    I contacted Themeforest 5 days ago, and sent 2 more emails and have not heard anything from them. Is there anything you can do for me ??? I would appreciate any help you can do for me. Thanks.



    Hi Jacob,

    I’ll tag the thread for Kriesi to take a look at he is the final say on this kind of thing. It might be worth doing a question @envatowebdesign twitter with your ticket number/question on if exchanges are possible.




    I just sent them a tweet. Will report back in a few days if I have not heard anything. Thanks.




    Did they report back yet?

    Best regards,


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