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    How do you remove the price of an item when it is being viewed in the shop or as a featured product?



    #top .price_container {



    #top .price, #top .price span, #top del, #top ins {




    Thanks, which script should i be putting this in? woocommerce-mod-css-dynamic.php?


    Jut add this to the Quick CSS or your custom.css and you shoud be fine.



    Is it possible to keep the price on but stop it from showing on

    i.e. nor price on the shop page but keep the prices on the full product overview pages?



    Yes – use following code instead:

    .products .price_container {




    Hi It doesn’t seem to have worked. I copied the code into the “Quick CSS” section and deleted the previous code.

    It seems to have done it the other way round. There isn’t a price on the main product here (want the price here)

    and in the related items and the main shop page, the prices are still showing, which are the ones i want to hide.

    Is this possible?



    Yes, I mixed things up :) – I changed the code above – please try it again.

    Best regards,




    Still doesn’t work :/ I copied the code and pasted it into the Quick CSS and it still has the prices on the shop page.

    Also is it possible to change the font of the prices from being green to another colour of choice like blue?



    Can anyone help with this?


    Hey! Not sure but did you fix the issue? I checked the page and it looks liek all prices are removed. If I am misunderstanding the issue let me know by linking to a page that has a price tag that should be removed ;)


    i had the issue sorted in part. I want the prices to be visible on a product when someone clicks for the detail eg.

    but not visible on the shop overview page, or in the latest products sections.

    I also want to be able to change the font and the style of this text, but can’t figure out where to do it. Does it take it’s styling from the theme or from the plugin?



    Can anyone help on this?



    Here is the css to modify the price overall:

    #top .price, #top .price span, #top del, #top ins {
    display: inline;
    text-decoration: none;
    font-size: 12px;
    line-height: 18px;
    font-weight: bold;

    You can try targeting the shop only with:

    #top.archive .price span{

    and the homepage recent products with: .price span {
    display: none;


    Hi Devin, I have a problem with the Propulsion theme and lack the technical expertise to solve it though Im making good progress with the site

    When you select a product and it takes you to the full description the pricing information is completely lost as it appears very small. Is there a way using a similar method to which you out line above that I can make this much more prominent without effecting the text size on the ‘show all products’ view?

    I love the theme but even on your own demo the price of the item is barely visible in comparison to the ‘add number of items’ selector. Is there a way to create a much more obvious price box that was more in keeping with the theme. It almost looks like it needs to be integrated into the select number of items selector and a larger font.

    I would really appreciate knowing if there is as I have 60 quite complex products to add!

    Many thanks in advance


    This doesn’t work by simply pasting in quick css?


    Correction , this works only in the main page that is set in the woo commerce Page setup. How do you make this work in custom pages that attach products via template builder? Or how can you simply change the price color?



    Hello martingfisher and O5,

    I’m going to soft close this thread so that only the support crew and the original poster can respond as the fixes in here are very specific to his needs and I don’t want others to get confused while also not being able to completely resolve the original topic.

    If you could both make new support threads with your specific questions it will be much easier to answer them directly and separately :)

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