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    I’d like to remove the entire default footer and only have a text copyright sentence appear at the bottom of every page. What should I erase in the footer.php to accomplish this?



    I, too, am looking for this answer. I followed prior instructions to remove the footer, but ended up with this: http://www.cahillhomes.com Granted, the footer is gone as well as the RSS, FB and Twitter icons…but it took the copyright away, as well. I am wanting to just have the copyright, centered at the bottom of the page (with no icons).


    Delete the whole content (everthing) of footer.php and and paste following in:

    <?php global $k_option; ?>
    </div><!-- end #top -->
    </div><!-- end #wrapper -->

    <div class='wrapper' id='footerwrap'>

    <div id='footer'>

    <div class="box box_custom_footer">

    <!-- copyright text -->
    <p><?php echo $k_option['footer']['copyright']; ?></p>


    </div><!--end footer-->

    <?php wp_footer();

    echo $k_option['general']['analytics'];

    Afterwards you need to align the copyright text via css and change the footer height to your requirements.

    The Dude


    Thx Dude,

    But unfortunately that didn’t work… the footer is still there.



    Did you replace the code via WordPress backend? If I use the wordpress backend it shows the footer.php file which is located under: display > theme_options (> footer.php). That’s the wrong footer.php file. The right footer.php file is located in the main directory (in the directory “display” itself. Kriesi named both – the footer options page which appears in the admin backend and the footer which appears on your website (frontend) – files footer.php. WordPress loads only certain theme files and believes that the footer options page is your “footer” for the mainpage.

    Please edit footer.php with an editor offline and upload it to your themes folder (themes>display). Also upload an unmodified version of the option page which is located under themes>display>theme_options>footer.php

    The Dude


    Excellent! Thx for the explanation… will be using FTP instead of WordPress admin when possible. Worked like a charm!



    Hi – please can you give me some direction on how to do the following:

    ‘Afterwards you need to align the copyright text via css and change the footer height to your requirements.’




    I need a link to your (modified) page to give you custom css code. Basically leighuf removed all footer widget areas and I just tried to point out that css mods may be required.

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