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    I was wondering if there’s any way to remove the footer box completely that has the RSS feed, Facebook and Twitter icons, and Copyright text?


    Hi tonearts,

    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files:

    #socket {
    display: none;




    Thanks, that did the trick!

    Another small question as can’t find the answer for that anywhere – is it possible to just add a text into the menu and then some “sub links” under it?

    So basically what I mean is like following:

    MEDIA (no link to a page, just text) but when you move the mouse on top of it, the following appear:

    —> IMAGES (with a link to a page)

    —> VIDEOS (with a link to a page)



    Yes, you can do that on Appearance > Menus. Look for Custom Links, type “#” on the URL then put a label. You will be able to click this but it will not have any link. Add the submenus below.





    sorry to post on an old topic but am I able to move the footer to the bottom of the page and add a social icon for tumblr?



    Hi beauy,

    In the future just create a new topic for any question that you have unless the older posts specifically deals with that topic.

    We can’t help with a sticky footer solution, but you can add another social icon of your choice to the sidebar.php file where the footer and social icons are located.

    Look for the end of the social icons unordered list:

    echo "	</ul><!-- end social_bookmarks-->";

    Add your new custom list item for the new icon like this:

    <li class="newclass"><a href="">Social Site</a>
    echo " <!-- end social_bookmarks-->";

    Then you’ll need to add the new css for the icon using the new class selector.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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