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    I looked through the posts and couldnt find the answer to this.. Im relatively new at this, so the answer might well be obvious, but if you could…

    I would like to remove the section at the bottom of the page (or modify it down to one or two links and categories). I am refering to the dark area at the bottom that says “Interesting links, pages, categories, archives). I’m not sure if these are widgets I can remove, I couldnt find a theme builder option to remove them.

    Thanks for you help (on the first of many questions).



    I have looked at some of the posted sites people have used, and see that some have removed all the content from this area. That is what Im looking for. I see that you can restrict the columns (I currently have restricted it to 1), and am left with the default text that says…


    Besides are some interesting links for you! Enjoy your stay :)”

    Even this Im not sure where I can edit this information. (feeling a little dumb).

    Any help..




    In the backend if you click on Appearance > Widgets, on the right side you will see the available widget areas, including Footer Column 1 through 4. These are the four widget areas on the bottom of each page and the one you mentioned is Column 1. If you click on the little arrow on the right side of the Footer Column 1 Widget area, it will open up to reveal that its empty.

    On the left side are all the various widgets that you can drag and drop into the particular widget area. So lets say you grab Text Area widget and drag and drop it into Footer Column 1. It will open up and Show a title, and body. So you write something, save and refresh the page of the site and you will see that the left most column in the footers now contains your text.

    The total number of widget areas in the footer can be between one wide column or all the way up to 5 columns. Go to Corona > Theme Options > Footer, where you can select the number you want.

    I suggest you start watching you tube follow along tutorials as well as experiment with different theme options and WordPress components.




    Thank you for your help, I didn’t realize you there was default text in there, that you had to put something in to overwrite what was in the columns. Thats why I was looking as to where the source of that default text was.

    Is there a way to have 0 columns in that area so as to not have anything present in the footer and have it collapse essentially?

    Your help is appreciated.



    No that’s not possible – however you can delete the code in footer.php. Open up the file and delete following code:

    <!-- ####### FOOTER CONTAINER ####### -->
    <div class='container_wrap' id='footer'>
    <div class='container'>

    //create the footer columns by iterating
    $columns = avia_get_option('footer_columns');

    $firstCol = 'first';
    case 1: $class = ''; break;
    case 2: $class = 'one_half'; break;
    case 3: $class = 'one_third'; break;
    case 4: $class = 'one_fourth'; break;
    case 5: $class = 'one_fifth'; break;

    //display the footer widget that was defined at appearenace->widgets in the wordpress backend
    //if no widget is defined display a dummy widget, located at the bottom of includes/register-widget-area.php
    for ($i = 1; $i <= $columns; $i++)
    echo "<div class='$class $firstCol'>";
    if (function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar('Footer - column'.$i) ) : else : avia_dummy_widget($i); endif;
    echo "</div>";
    $firstCol = "";



    <!-- ####### END FOOTER CONTAINER ####### -->


    I wanted an empty footer as well without any widgets, so I just put one empty text widget in each of the four footer widget areas. It made the default stuff that was showing up disappear without having to edit your php files.



    Is this fixed?

    @chriscreative: Thanks for helping out. :)



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