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    In my main menu (at the top), I would like to have only my first level links and no sublinks.

    How can I realize that?

    In the header I can find the following code


    // Menu Controlled by the Backend

    if(is_object($k_option)) $k_option->display(‘Menu Manager’,’show_main_description’);


    which includes the topmenu.

    But where can I change the “kriesi_menu” and remove the sublinks?


    Trying to figure out how to add links to the top-most header… Where you see the Cart link… I want to add a My Account link and a contact number… Can you access this via WordPress or do you have to go in and code it?


    Please could you help me with my problem?



    mehblick, you can open your Dashboard > Appearances > Menus, here you can adjust your menu. You can add/remove/modify your menu items.

    Shopcalico, you have to go in the code to edit it. You’ve posted in the wrong forum section – if you’d like instructions on this could you create a support topic in the Propulsion forum? This allows us to keep things organised.

    Best regards,



    Until now, I had both menus in the display options -> menu manager.

    If I create my submenu in dashboard > appearances > menu, the formatting isn’t the same anymore.

    In my css there’s a code like this:

    #sidebar .box a{



    padding:3px 10px;


    #sidebar .box ul ul a{

    padding:3px 10px 3px 25px;


    But it doesn’t effect the menu, if I create it in the menu manager.

    How can I change this code so that it works?



    Additionally, every sublink is popped up, which isn’t the case if I create my menu in the menu manager.


    Isn’t there simply a php-code I could remove, so that there are no sublinks in the header. Just the links of the first and second level?


    no solution?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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