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    How to remove text “Kolhapur” (SPAN Tag) under the Logo in our website?




    Add following code into the quick css field:

    .logo .subtext {
    display: none !important;

    Best regards,



    Thanks Dude. I want to move logo on little left side of the page, so I can create larger size logo than current logo..



    Hi cimns,

    Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files: {
    left: -10px;

    Adjust the -10px value as needed.




    Thank you. One more question, is it possible to have logo on one line (top) and menus on the second line (bottom) and remove count down section?




    Following code is not working for adjusting logo, {

    left: -10px;




    Hey cimns,

    Sorry about that, it should be:

    #top .logo {
    left: -10px;

    Its different when it isn’t the default logo :)




    Thanks Devin, it worked this time. :)

    Few more questions,

    1. How to move menus on the right side of the page?

    2. Is it possible to have logo on one line (top) and menus on the second line (bottom) and remove count down section? Similar to this site




    Menu Right Side

    You have a Sidebar on the right side of the page. In Appearance > Widgets you can find a Widget called ”Custom Menu”. Add the widget to the sidebar and then add a menu to the widget. You can either create a new menu in Appearance > Menu or use an existing menu.

    Missing Mp3

    By the way, you are missing three mp3 files from your home page. Links point to them , but they do not exist (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .mp3

    Yes it is possible. If you have a nice vector logo like that site, you can even change the menu to match the menu on that site if you wanted to, just a matter of customizing. or something like

    Please add the following css block to the bottom of the /css/custom.css file; OR to Quick CSS located in the admin area of Incarnation > Theme Options > Styling … the text area at the bottom of that page:

    #top.boxed .stretch_full, #top.stretched .stretch_full .container, #top.stretched .stretch_full .container > .content {
    height: 30px !important;
    #top .main_menu {
    top: 10px;

    in header.php, cut line 158 (ctrl-X) that looks like

    echo avia_logo(AVIA_BASE_URL.'images/layout/logo.png', get_option('blogdescription'));

    and paste it to line 132

    also add two slashes // in front of line 133 so it would look like


    IT will not fit perfect, and needs to be tweaked a bit to settle.




    Thanks Nick.

    What should be the size of the logo If I want to display full width logo on the top and menus on the next line.

    Any option to put visitors count on the website?



    Do you mean a logo that is the full width of the header? That would take a bit more css and would cause issues with the responsive features.

    Something like 930px wide would be the max however. Then the whole menu area would need to be adjusted for each browser size (tablet, mobile etc) which is a bit beyond what we could customize for you via support.

    For a visitor count, check through the plugins registered on and find a widget that you like the look of and that has good reviews:




    Thanks Devin. Currently our logo size is 450 X 100, it works good when I use 15 inch laptop. However, when we use notebook logo and menu get overlapped.



    On a basic level you can do something like:

    .main_menu {
    top: 135px;

    and if you wanted it to only take effect at smaller screen sizes you could wrap it in a media query like this:

    @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {
    .main_menu {top: 135px;}

    But it’ll take a bit more specific adjustment on your end to get it exactly as you’d like it as we aren’t able to do full pixel perfect customization via support; also note media queries are not supported in IE at all.



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