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    How would I remove the entire social_container altogether. I know that I could use CSS to change it to “display:none” but is there a way of actually removing it from the html? – sorry this is a general question that I’ve sort of repeated elsewhere but should I be editing the header.php file to comment it out?

    I usually build wordpress themes for other people based on very simple themes so I’ve not used such an extensive wordpress theme before. I guess what I’m asking is how much of the original theme do people tend to edit? Should I be worried about theme updates? Also if a theme has been updated do I get any notfications or do I have to follow facebook / twitter.

    Again, much appreciated! – Hopefully once I get the basics of what I should and shouldn’t edit I won’t need to bother you again! ;-)


    1) Open up header.phop and remove the entire code between followinh code line/comment:

    <!-- ####### HEAD CONTAINER ####### -->


    <div class='container_wrap' id='header'>

    2) Yes, Kriesi uses Twitter & Facebook to announce updates. If you update the theme maually (thus by using a ftp software like filezilla) you can overwrite the updates files only. Kriesi provides a changelog (a file called version.rtf in the themeforest zip) which helps you to find the updated files.


    OK thanks. It sounds as though I’m better just opening up the files (by ftp) and editing as and when needed. Maybe I’ll check every so often if there are updates and if so make the changes. There’s a few other areas I’d like to remove / tidy and I think this will be quickest.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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